Dongmo Theo

Dongmo Theo

Country: Cameroon

Pronoun: He/Him

Theo is a trans man from Cameroon, started his activist journey in the year 2010. Driven by the thirst for justice and concern for establishing respect and gender equality, he participated in the creation of the first associations of lesbian in Cameroon. Subsequently, he was a volunteer and then peer educator of the gender unit within the Humanity First Cameroon association, then Head of Cyber Awareness and Coordinator of the female leadership project in the LGBTIQ community. With his studies in business administration and management helping, as well as capacity building in project writing and monitoring evaluation, he became Monitoring and Evaluation Manager of Humanity First Cameroon. Always looking for social equity, he was one of the founders of the Trans African Forum in West Africa and Cameroon, who subsequently recruited him as Volunteer Monitoring and Evaluation Manager. Subsequently, he organised a National consultation of the Trans * organisations in Cameroon, which formed a network (RITA) and named him, Coordinator. In social life he is a transformational leader, passionate about reading and sports. The work on changing mentalities being arduous and sometimes imperceptible in the short term, his sense of duty and his commitment to fight for his community are appreciated by his community in Cameroon and throughout West Africa.

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