Join Our Virtual Campaign to Protect LGBT+ Women

Join our campaign to protect LGBTQ women.

Just recently, in Nigeria, a young lesbian woman was beaten by her family, and before that, Trans women were beaten and humiliated in Benin. Across West Africa we have seen a wave of violence against women from the LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Queer) community. Every year, violence against LGBT+ women is ignored. We demand strong laws that protect LGBT+ women in our spaces. In this context, we are launching a participatory virtual campaign towards LGBT+ women. To denounce and demand strong laws to protect them. 

The campaign will start on 04 November and will end on 05 November 2021.

This campaign is open to all, even if it is aimed at LGBT+ women.  

To take part in this campaign, all you have to do is send us a photo of yourself and choose one of these messages or propose your own message. You can also choose to rephrase or modify one of the proposed messages. You can send this via DM to any of our social media pages or email to

 A person can choose to propose two or three messages, in which case they will have to send different photos of themselves. 

This campaign will only last 24 hours, however we want as many people as possible to participate and relay the messages of this virtual campaign. You can start sending in your photos before 31 October. Also, if you do not want to use a photo of yourself, feel free to send a picture of anything that represents you.

We hope to count on you. 

Proposed messages 

-Human rights apply to everyone, our sexual orientations and gender identities should not exclude us.

-It is not our African beliefs that condemn our sexual orientations and gender identities but your religious beliefs and dogmas, so let’s learn to separate things. 

-We are women before we are heterosexual, Transgender and homosexual.

-If we forget to fight for all women, don’t be surprised if the struggle doesn’t move forward 

-Before we are lesbian, Trans, Bisexual, heterosexual, we are all women.

-Laws should protect us as citizens, not condemn us to death based on our gender identities and sexual orientations

-Our states should take steps to allow us to live safely in the public space, rather than being complicit in the abuse of one segment of its population on the basis of their sexual orientation and gender identity.

-LGBT+phobes do more harm than good, and strong laws and measures must be taken to prevent these people from harming life.

-Beating a human being on the basis of their sexual orientation is a crime, and violence against LBTQ+ women must stop.  

-Preaching that encourages rape, rejection, discrimination, and incites the death of LBTQ+ people and women must be banned and condemned.   

-It is not wrong to love someone of the same sex as me, it is wrong to believe that I am entitled to be killed because I am considered different.

-What is unnatural cannot exist in nature.

-Remember that LGB people, are children of heterosexual relationships, whether you are Muslim, Christian, or whatever your beliefs are, you will continue to bring us into the world that’s how it is.

-We all have a right to education, so put in place systems that allow us all to have access to it without discrimination.

-Don’t forget that women are raped, beaten on the basis of their sexual orientation, and I mean women. 

-Let’s shout until they hear us, our silences won’t save us.

-Our sexual orientations and gender identities do not kill people, but LGBT+phobias do. 

-We want laws that protect us and that we can trust as LGBT+ people and women

Corrective rape, is a reality – put in place legal systems that give us the strength to press charges.

-If we remain silent, as Aude Lorde says, that silence will not protect us.

The hashtag for this campaign will be :


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