AQYI Fellows

"Doose Dorathy Mchihi is a human rights advocate and holds a BSc in psychology, currently the Program officer LBQTI+ women’s Rights, Health and safety at Women Initiative for Sustainable Empowerment and Equality (WISE). Doose is also a graphics designer, photovoice advocate, and an entrepreneur, She is obsessed with everything advocacy. Her project for the Mawulisa Fellowship focuses on the Rights, Evidence, and Action (REA) project which is aimed at using Visual Documentary to represent the challenges and issues LBQTI women in northern Nigeria face as a result of exclusion from the wider LBQTI networks. This documentary will be used as an advocacy tool to demand the proper inclusion of LBQTI women in northern Nigeria into wider LBQTI networks and programs at the national, regional, and global levels to build their capacity and improve their recognition as equal members of society."

Doose Dorathy Mchihi

AQYI Fellow from Nigeria

"I am Mariam Kone, I am 27 years old, Malian nationality, trained nurse. Human rights defender in Mali, activist of the Association Femmes d'Espoir Mali, MawuLisa 2021 Program Scholar. I identify myself as Lesbian and proud. My work consists of contributing to the promotion and defense of the rights of LBQT women in Mali and supporting advocacy actions at the international level."

Mariam Kone

AQYI Fellow from Mali

"I am Diane Audrey Rachida Coulibaly, an independent feminist activist from Ivory Coast. The project Un Café, Un Livre started from my experience as a young LBTQ woman confronted with rejection because of her sexual orientation by an entourage that is not always conciliatory and the inability experienced by many of us to truly confide without feeling indexed or judged, which sometimes makes us slowly and undoubtedly slide into depression, melancholy, depression or even suicide. The objective is to unite lesbian, bisexual, transsexual and queer women of the Ivory Coast around a common passion that can be a saving passion: writing; while managing to make it a tool for advocacy through a collection of stories documenting life courses and therapeutic community care committed to the fight against depression in a community LBTQ sometimes reclusive and fragile because writing allows us to breathe."

Diana Audrey Rachida Coulibaly

AQYI Fellow from Ivory Coast

"My name is Bineta Ndiaye, lbq activists in Senegal. Senegal has experienced a series of homophobic campaigns in recent years that have weakened and weakened the LGBT+ movement and more particularly the LBQ women's movement. This weakening is reflected in the demotivation of LBQ leaders, the absence of specific activities for LBQ and the silence of LBQ organizations. My project called "revitalization of the LBQ movement in Senegal" aims to mobilize LBQ women in the cities of Dakar and Thies around community activities and also to strengthen the capacities of at least 10 emerging LBQ leaders."

Bineta Ndiaye

AQYI Fellow from Senegal

"My name is Bamogo Malick, I am a young trans woman from Burkina Faso and I am 28 years old. I started my activism at the age of 22. I worked as an educator pair in an organization called ONG revs-plus (responsibility, hope, life and solidarity) where I did animations with LGBTQI groups in my city in Burkina Faso. I worked for 4 years in this organization where I learned a lot of things in the community world through national and international trainings. and in 2017 with my transgender sisters, we created our own organization which is called "Association transgendersburkina" ."

Bamogo Malick

AQYI Fellow from Burkina Faso
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