AQYI Report – Young and Outside the Margins: Impact of COVID-19 on African LGBT

In 2020, AQYI set out to understand the impact of COVID-19 on LGBT+ youths in Africa by launching a survey seeking to collect meaningful data and inform the organization’s critical work in a post COVID world. Young and Outside the Margins documents the far-reaching impact of the pandemic on LGBT+ youths in Africa. The report outlines the complex challenges that African LGBT+ youths face and the need for a multi-dimensional approach to recovering efforts dealing with the pandemic, despite the good news with vaccines globally.

Furthermore, this report includes priority recommendations to assist responses led by governments, donors, organizations, and the private sector. Moreover, to bring any on-going efforts concerning the pandemic within the broader LGBT+ movement to scale, LGBT+ youths in Africa must be prioritized as critical demography with agency and a significant role.

The AQYI, through this report, is not only calling on the government, local and international actors to take actions in addressing the impact of COVID-19 on African LGBT+ youths but demanding accountability from community leaders as well. Young people should not just be considered leaders of tomorrow, but as leaders for the NOW and today’s realities.

The AQYI Report PDF. English Version

Le rapport AQYI PDF. Version Française

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