Funding Opportunities

Young activists and youth-led organizations often need resources and funding to advance their work in terms of core support, program assistance or project funding. Here is a list of funders that you can contact to support your initiatives:

ViiV Healthcare

Established in 2009 through a unique partnership between GSK and Pfizer, ViiV Healthcare combines the HIV expertise of GSK, Pfizer and Shionogi, who joined in 2012 following a long-term collaboration on the joint development of several novel integrase inhibitors. ViiV Healthcare actively supports community initiatives in HIV, including our Positive Action programmes, by partnering with like-minded organisations that share our ethos.
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Positive Action Programmes

Funds are available through different sub-grants: 1) Positive Action for Children Fund, 2) Positive Action for Girls and Women, 3) Positive Action for MSM & Transgender people, and 4) Positive Action for Adolescents.
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