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Applications are open the Mawulisa Fellowship Program 2022.

While the advent of HIV and AIDS has made it easier for gay groups and movements in West Africa to access funding, it is a fact that lesbian, bisexual, trans, and queer women whose needs were not HIV-focused have had difficulty accessing funding. Most of the problems related to the complex and specific needs of LBTQ women are sometimes ignored within larger LGBT+ organizations in Africa. As a result, young LBTQ women are unable to organize themselves and assert their leadership.  In light of all these reasons, AQYI is setting up this leadership program for young LBTQ women. The MawuLisa Fellowship Program is a project of the African Queer Youth Initiative designed to assist emerging and mid-career LBTQ women activists to design and implement projects that focus on addressing issues affecting young LBTQ women in their country and community and advocating for their rights. Recipients of this program will be supported to implement their projects while housed in “host organizations” that are committed partners in the Fellow’s program. AQYI provides technical and financial support of $5000 to fellows during the 6-month fellowship period.

About the AQYI

The African Queer Youth Initiative (AQYI) is a group of motivated, dedicated and resourceful young people across Africa, from Southern Africa to North Africa, from East Africa to West Africa, including the African islands, all working together with the common goal of giving a voice to African LGBT+ youth and empowering them to lead change through campaigning, lobbying, organising, advocacy, research, networking and capacity building.

Over the years, AQYI has focused on four major initiatives:

  • Building a strong network to enhance the LGBT+ youth movement in Africa:

Provide platforms and opportunities for LGBT+ youth to connect and share knowledge, to develop a common agenda, and engage in collaborative action.

  • Developing a more capable cohort of African LGBT+ youth leaders:

Drive the targeted development of leadership teams and individuals, and expand the capacity of organizations to implement national and transnational campaigns targeting LBT+ youths in Africa.

  • Generating a strong knowledge base on the lived experiences of LGBT+ youth:

Document and share best practices for interventions with LGBT+ youth, and develop strong baseline data.

  • Provision of Grants:

Facilitate a direct small grant mechanism to channel resources to LGBT+ youth organizations and activists championing change on the ground.

Who can benefit from the fellowship program?

The fellowship is intended to support:

  • Emerging LBTQ women/feminist leaders who advocate for the interests of young LBTQ women in their countries and are involved in solving problems that affect them, and who are willing to work to improve the living conditions of LBTQ women in their countries.
  • Young LBTQ women with experience or training in the areas of human rights, HIV/AIDS, youth leadership, advocacy, and communication.
  • This program is focused on young LBTQ women leaders living/working in the following West African countries: (Burkina Faso, Togo, Benin, Mali, Senegal, Ivory Coast, and Nigeria).
  • Applicants from francophone countries must be fluent in French (for francophone West Africa) and English (for Nigeria). However, we encourage applications from bilingual candidates.
  • Applicants must be between ages 18 – 35.

Submit your application below or send all necessary application details in a word document to

Application for the Mawulisa Fellowship Program

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  • Name two references (who can attest to your work in the community)


Information about the host organisation

    Contact details of the organization

  • Contact person in your host organisation


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