African Queer Youth Initiative

We are a network of youth activists and organisations mobilizing, supporting and amplifying the voice of LGBTIQ activists, building visibility and strategic networks in support of LGBTIQ youth in Africa.

The AQYI gives you a voice!

Motivated, dedicated and resourceful, we’ll work together to give you, the young LGBT+ African a voice. We’ll help you lead change by organising, advocating, and campaigning.

Who We Are


Here’s what our members say:

People who weren’t like me were telling my story, I had to be in control of my narrative, so advocating for LGBT persons and joining in the fight for equality, was the only way I could re-tell my story, being part of what the AQYI is doing in Africa has taken my activism to a whole new level, it has fueled my drive to see Africa liberated.

Sanjoe Denousse

An activist fighting for equal rights in the beautiful Seychelles Islands

Je suis un activiste parce que je ne veux pas que les plus jeunes passent par ce que j’ai vécu. En tant que femme transgenre, j’ai été confrontée à la violence physique et verbale et je manquais de réseaux de soutien. Pour changer ce récit pour les autres, moi-même et mon organisation, «Transgenres et Droits», fournissons une variété de services à la communauté trans de Côte d’Ivoire, et l’African QueerYouth Initiative m’a fourni une plate-forme pour communiquer avec d’autres activistes africains, partager des expériences et gagner, ce qui me mettra sur une nouvelle voie pour la lutte à venir.

Orneill Latiyah

est un jeune activiste trans-féministe ivoirien, président de “Transgenres et Droits” basé à Abidjan

I joined African Queer Youth Initiative back in 2017, and since the beginning, the experience has been a rollercoaster. It is amazing to be part of a network of African LGBTIQ advocates from all around the region, believing in the importance of solidarity and coming as a community, helping each other, sharing expertise, and elevating each other’s work. With what AQYI is doing, equality is in sight for Africa.

Wiem Askri

Co-chair board of directors African Queer Youth Initiative

Passionate about human rights

We are a team of young leaders from diverse backgrounds across Africa. With our experience, diverse skills and knowledge, we advance the mission and vision of AQYI. We are youth leaders, young professionals, grassroots activists, artists and above all, human beings passionate about human rights.

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